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Commercial Paint & Coating, LLC

Commercial Paint & Coating is an industrial painting and refurbishing company servicing the greater Gulf Coast. Located in Houston convenient to the Port, CPC provides painting and repair services for projects requiring preventive maintenance as well as for newly manufactured products. Our customers include on-and off-shore oilfield companies, waste water facilities, and a variety of service organizations. The experienced staff at CPC provides high quality repair and refitting at a competitive price point. CPC is committed to facilitating turnaround times to limit equipment down-time. We pride ourselves for working closely with our customers to achieve satisfaction and to strive for quality of service and product.

Why choose us?

Established in 2011, Commercial Paint & Coating has outstanding experience serving businesses in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alabama, and Mississippi. We conduct business with honesty and integrity, always putting our client’s needs first. Whether you need safety colors applied to certain equipment, production line color differentiation, factory color uniformity, minor repairs to machinery, full equipment rebuilds, or simply wish to improve the appearance of your equipment, Commercial Paint & Coating has you covered.

Methods We Use:

Painting Process

We use high quality paints from industry leading manufacturers to ensure effective corrosion control and a professional finish. We follow industry standards for surface preparation, paint mixing, and application. CPC's NACE certified Quality Control manager oversees and approves production quality for every project.

Rebuilds or Repairs

CPC offers extensive repair, fabricating, and refurbishment services. We follow all rebuild and repair specifications to meet your needs.

Paints and Materials

-Zinc Rich Epoxy
-Organic Zinc-Rich Epoxy
-Inorganic Zinc Silicate Primer
-Amine-cured Coal Tar Epoxy
-Coal Tar Epoxy
-Multi-purpose Polyamide Epoxy Coating
-Acrylic Aliphatic Polyurethane
-High Solids Epoxy Coating

Blasting and Painting Gallery


Reach out with questions about machinery and equipment painting or repairs. We will quickly and expertly assess your needs and get back to you with the most cost-effective recommendations. We are here to offer solutions to all of your industrial equipment needs.
Commercial Paint & Coating

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